Yiannis Stylianou values relationships more than a specific school of design. His flair for dramatic juxtaposition soars. He may see the line of a bespoke brightly coloured chair repeated in the dramatic curve of a contemporary abstract.
He created Studio Ypsilon with this exact philosophy; for periods and styles to be converged in a surprising harmony. 

Despite being gifted with eclecticism, he admits an affinity for comfort, practicality and precision, evident in the detailing of his London–based projects.

Born in Cyprus, Yiannis first honed his love of interior and design in the intricacies of the island's backdrop. He completed his Bachelors of Architecture degree at Greenwich University and Interior Architecture and Design at Hertfordshire University and diverted his attention to the interior of a space. He started working at design practises in London, before launching Studio Ypsilon in 2015.

And today Studio Ypsilon is as timeless as only good design can be. Distant and divergent influences converge to create clear lines, sheer presence and a multi–hued luxuriance.